Recent Planning Applications

September 2019


19/03808  7 Mill Street, replace 17 windows on west elevation.




August 2019


19/03138/ADV  Harvest House, signage.


19/03047/FUL  land adj. 31 Poyner Road, erection of detached garage and store.


19/02649/LBC  3 Bell Lane, repairs to roof, installation of roof light.




July 2019


19/02548/COU  land adjoining warehouse, Lower Galdeford, change of use to car wash.


19/02812/LBC  The Townhouse, Valentine's Walk, installation of lead protective cappings to timber window cills, repairs to render panelling and decorative quadrant braces, replacement timber windows and ridges to roof covering.


19/02770/FUL  20, 22 and 22a Temeside, separation of dwelling22 and annexe 22a to form two independent buildings.


19/02741/REM proposed mixed use development, north side of Sheet Road, reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission.


19/02540/FUL sloping weir, off Linney, partial removal of the Linney Weir structure to allow full and safe fish passage.




June 2019


19/02372/LBC Smithfield House, Lower Galdeford, replacement windows.




May 2019


19/01252/COU  3 Fish Street, change of use from café to pub.


19/01272/LBC  51a Old Street, re-rendering of side wall.


19/01493/LBC  87 Old Street, replacement sash windows.


19/01743/FUL adjacent to Pendleford, Lower Barns Road, 2 self-build dwellings.


19/01926/LBC  2 Bull Ring, Ludlow, replacing of signs and redecoration of shop front.


19/01884/LBC  Friary Cottage, 32 Corve Street, replacement of existing upvc conservatory on rear elevation.


19/01762/LBC  39 Broad Street, works to remove timber studwork partition to link family room and existing kitchen.


19/02060/REM proposed residential development east of Fishmore Road, mixed houses and flats.


19/02086/LBC  34 Lower Broad Street, alterations and repairs internally, new roof, changing windows.


19/01940/FUL residential development on land north of Foldgate Farm, 5 dwellings with garages.




April 2019


19/00826/FUL  Linney House, Linney, 8 dwellings with car shelters, restoration of stone boundary wall and creation of 2 vehicular access points.


19/01149/FUL & 19/01150/LBC  23 Lower Broad Street, lean to extension, partial demolition of existing; replace first floor windows and installation of rooflight, new doorway.


19/01126/FUL Land to rear of 57 Temeside, erection of dwelling and formation of access.


19/01047/LBC Walcote House, 17 Broad Street, installation of one rooflight and one replacement rooflight.


18/05877/FUL  The Bridge Inn, Corve Street, retention of public house, erection of 2 semi-detached houses; reconfiguration of car park, landscaping etc..




March 2019


19/00426/LBC  31 Broad Street, modification to permission to replace door to rear elevation.


19/00309/FUL  97 Old Street, erection of conservatory to front elevation.


19/00449/FUL  Unit 10, Lower Barns Business Park, changes to building and creation of a car park for an ecological cycling company.


19/00599/LBC  48 Corve Street, removal of walls on ground floor, replacement of back door and back window.


19/00643/DIS Harvest House, discharge of conditions, lighting details.


19/00699/FUL Proposed residential development land south of Poyner Road, erection of one dwelling and vehicular access.




February 2019


18/05791/LBC Ludford House, remedial works to collapsed wall.


19/00133/LBC  High Hall, Castle Square, works to facilitate repair of decayed window.


19/00021/FUL & 19/00022/LBC, Friary Cottage, 32 Corve Street, alterations to existing building to form garden room.


19/00180/LBC  22 Broad Street, alterations to fit removeable privacy screens.


19/00183/FUL  12 Upper Linney, installation of front gable with window.


19/00196/FUL Steventon House, Steventon Road, erection of single storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory (revised scheme).


19/00369/ADV  7-8 Tower Street, alterations to colour and text of existing fascia signs, white letters on a black background.


19/00270/VAR  The Lodge, Camp Lane, variation on plan for alteration to window.




January 2019


18/05173/FUL  The Old Forge, 80 Corve Street, erection of single-storey extension.


18/05461/REM  Residential development south of A49.


18/05023/LBC Capitol Carpets, Corve Street, replacing 4 windows at back.


18/05767/LBC  89 Old Street, lengthening existing extension and reordering interior.


18/05759/FUL  74 Corve Street, new entrance through existing arch to provide hallway.


18/05877/FUL  The Bridge Inn, two new houses on present car park.


18/05658/FUL  4 Whitcliffe Road, carport with room above.




November 2018


18/04682/FUL  121 Old Street, two-storey rear extension, dormer windows and rooflights.


18/04872/LBC  The Clive, Bromfield, internal alterations.


18/05007/LBC & 18/05006/FUL  The Assembly Rooms, alterations to internal layout.


18/05087/FUL  Ludlow Brewing Co., Station Drive, erection of side extension (revised scheme).




October 2018


18/04336/FUL & 18/04337/LBC  Compasses Cottage, Upper Linney, two storey glazed extension.


18/04385/FUL12, Upper Linney, installation of dormer window replacing roof-light, and additional conservation roof-light.


18/02413/REM, residential development at Foldgate Lane, approval of reserved matters.


18/04285/FUL & 18/04286/LBC, 48 Corve Street, internal works and ersection of single-storey glass extension to rear.


18/04639/TCA, 27 Julian Road, to coppice 2 hazel trees within Ludlow Conservation Area.




September 2018


18/03817/LBC,  The Assembly Rooms, amendments to the consented scheme, including removal of balcony structure.


18/04074/LBC  MFG Legal Services, 9 Corve Street, proposed internal alterations.


18/04118/FUL  Charlton Arms Hotel, Ludford, erection of a wooden pergola canopy over existing balcony.


18/04055/FUL & 18/04056/LBC  Ludford Mill, Park Road, Ludford, erection of single-storey garage and workshop.




July 2018


18/03089/LBC  Victory House, Mill Street, replacement of 14 windows to west elevation.




June 2018


18/02334/ADV Boots, installation of non-illuminated projecting sign.


18/02465/LBC  Lloyds Bank, Broad Street, removal of 1 internal cashier screened counter position.


18/02413/REM  proposed residential development on land off Foldgate Lane.




May 2018


17/06004/FUL & 17/06005/LBC, Charlton Arms, enclosure of terrace.


18/00914/FUL St John's Church, Gravel Hill, solar panels.


18/01951/FUL  Bowling Green House, summerhouse.


18/02165/VAR  Old China Shop, Pepper Lane, amended wall and roof finishes.


18/02206/LBC  3 Quality Square, refurbishment and consolidation works.






18/01223/LBC 59 Broad Street (Fatface), remedial works and decoration of shop front, lighter colour.


18/00986/FUL  Ludlow Bowling Green and tennis club, replacements of lights.


18/01403/COU 135 Corve Street (Swift's), change of use from retail to financial and professional premises.


18/01204/FUL Spring Cottage, Steventon Road, erection of equestrian building, stables storage and garaging for horsebox.


18/00663/FUL 8 the Cliff Park, single-storey side extension to mobile home.


18/00795/LBC 39 Linney, upgrade of windows.






17/05563/LBC  St. Leonard's House,  replacement of modern windows with sash windows to match rest.


17/05573/FUL  16 Lower Mill Street, single storey extension.


17/05624/FUL  2 Linney Fields, extension and alteration of existing building.


17/05792/AMP  4 College Street, plan for garage, amended.


17/00520/LBC  8 King Street, internal alterations.


17/06155/FUL  Drawbridge House, domestic garden house and store.


17/05938/LBC  90 Corve Street, replacement of 3 sash windows and 2 doors to improve security and draught-proofing.


18/00282/FUL  15 Lower Mill Street, two-storey side extension.


18/00336/LBC  2 Lower Raven Lane, replacement front door, staircase and other internal alterations.


35 Broad Street, satellite dish at rear.






17/04294/LBC 16 Broad Street, internal alterations.


17/05014/AMP Pepper Lane, amendments to layout.


17/05186/FUL and 17/05187/LBC 10 Bullring, conversion of bank to shop.


17/05563/LBC St. Leonards House, Upper Linney, replacement of modern windows with traditional.


17/05573/FUL 16 Lower Mill Street, single storey extension.


17/05728/DIS 49 Broad Street (Oriel House), discharge of conditions.


17/05624/FUL 2 Linney Fields, extension.


17/05749/VAR Bringewood, Burway Lane, variations to elevations.




October 2017


17/04402/LBC 65 Old Street, internal renovation works, removal of internal walls and doors.


17/04478/FUL 34 Old Street, summerhouse.


17/03999/LBC Bull Hotel, 14 Bull Ring, remedial works.


17/04676/LBC 7 Brand Lane, removal of wall between toilet and courtyard to allow access to courtyard.


17/04661/AMP Pellow House, 109 Old Street, amendment to permission for 3 houses, addition of gate.




August/September 2017


17/03384/COU  13 High Street, change of use to licensed premises.


17/03379/FUL  Isaac Smart's, Quality Square, change of use to residential only.


17/03747/LBC  Oriel House, 49 Broad Street, external alterations.


17/03595/LBC  67 Broad Street, subdivision of existing flat into three flats and modification of shop.


17/03062/FUL  37 Mill Street, single-storey glass roof veranda.


17/03593/ADV  46 Bull Ring, installation of replacement signage consisting of internally illuminated sign and projecting sign.


17/03929/FUL  Glendower, 56 Julian Road, erection of single-storey rear extension.


17/ 04174/LBC Oriel House, 49 Broad Street, internal alterations.


17/04056/LBC and 17/04478/FUL 34 Old Street, extension of external store to form internally accessed WC/utility room and other internal alterations, replacement of shed with summerhouse.


17/04294/LBC  Bank House (Lloyds) 16 Broad Street, internal works and alterations




July 2017


17/02221/LBC, 13 Raven Lane, works to listed building, including external repairs


17/02699/FUL and 17/02700/LBC, 5 Brand Lane, division of house into 2 flats


17/02727/BC, 1 Bell Lane, blocking up external door, replacing window with French doors etc.


17/03026/LBC, 1-2 King Street, shop front to be painted


17/03016/LBC, 2 dwellings rear of 18 Bull Ring


17/03337/LBC, the Wheatsheaf, proposals for signage


17/03747/LBC 49, Broad Street (Oriel House) external alterations, stripping roughcast and replacing render




June 2017


17/01916/FUL The Rectory, 4 College Street


17/01917/LBC Erection of replacement garage within the curtilage of a listed building.


17/01963/FUL Spring Cottage, Steventon Road


Erection of entrance porch and first floor extension with balcony to rear and internal alterations.


17/01809/LBC Kennet House, Sheet Road


Proposed conversion of outbuilding and single storey extension to provide accommodation.


17/02221/LBC 13 Raven Lane


Works to include external repairs and internal re-decoration.




3rd May 2017


17/01179/FUL Mr Underhill's, Dinham, change of use from restaurant and dwelling house to solely dwelling house.


17/01039/ADV Tesco, Corve Street, erect 30 non-illuminated signs, and 2 non-illuminated signs replacing existing signs.


17/01327/FUL Ludlow Brewing Co., Station Drive, erection of lean-to extension to existing brewery building.


17/01759/FUL Meran, Linney, erection of single-storey extension to west elevation.


17/01781/LBC Oskas, 2 Castle Street, works to satisfy fire risk assessment.


17/011445/COU Walcote House, 17 Broad Street, change of use of two front rooms from commercial to residential use.


17/01763/FUL & 17/01764/ LBC Usher House, 30 Mill Street, erection of single-storey kitchen extension at rear.




5th April 2017


17/01056/FUL & 17/01057/LBC 18 Temeside, part change of use to cafe and erection of conservatory.


17/00701/ADV Stone House, Corve Street, 'stackboard' advertisement.


17/01168/ADV The Angel, Broad Street, change of use from office to restaurant.

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